Monday, September 5, 2011

Proverbs 9:6

"Forsake foolishness and live, And go in the way of understanding."

Through this Proverb, God is calling us all to forsake the way of foolishness (that is living in folly, sin, and unbelief, all which only ends in death, Rom 6:23) and instead go in the way of understanding. And so it is a call to repent (i.e. turn away from ones wrong course of life and independence towards God, and turn to Christ through the Gospel, so that one may be redeemed from one's sins and transgressions and brought to life by a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, while the door of God's grace is open to us. For though this world prospers in their rebellion against the will of God for a season, there is a Judgment coming when all who did not heed God's warning will reap all their sins consequences and punishment. And so having turned away from the way of foolishness, we are to go in the way of understanding. That is living in obedience to Him by grace and truth, which is the sole pathway to abundance of life and peace (John 1:17). For that is in the way of wisdom, which God honors, and thus shows mercy towards all who repent and believe and obey Him through His Son's Gospel. Thus all who receive His Son the Lord Jesus Christ will be received and raised up, and glorified together with Himself. For it is by faith God's Son the Lord Jesus Christ that we receive the Holy Spirit who then brings us to life and empowers our discipleship walk with Christ. But is also by Him, by being led by Him, that we are to now live out Christ's life within us. And so our lives being liberated from sin and death now are the means by which Christ's life is magnified and manifested and thus brought near towards one and all, so that they too might turn from their folly and receive life through the Lord Jesus Christ for themselves. Therefore don't live like those whose minds are blinded to this glorious truth, who do not know God, nor have His life by His Spirit within them, who only live to gratify their sensual desires and sinful appetites, and thus are only storing up great wrath and punishment on themselves. Instead through the abounding grace and mercies of God receive His reconciliation for yourself. Come home to Christ who will abundantly pardon and forgive each and all who put their faith and trust in Him crucified for all their transgressions (Isaiah 55:1-2, 6-7; John 3:16). For when everyone does they will find true life and be clothed with abundance of everlasting peace in God's Everlasting Kingdom (Psalm 37:11; 72:7; John 14:27). 

Scripture Quotation
The New King James Version. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982

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